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2013 DokuSaru Tournament Series - Liege Belgium

Event 1 - Saturday August 17 at Smartoys Liège - SSF4AE.2012
10AM- 11PM

The first DokuSaru will take place tomorrow, so it's high time we posted a reminder, here is all you need to know to register at the last minute and/or to enjoy our stream in the most efficient way possible!



For starters, we'd like to thank the sponsors that will offer goodies* for this event:

[STREAM] 17/08/13 - DokuSaru Event 1 - SSF4AE.2012 1146308_637786879565178_1337611704_o

*A complete list of the said goodies is readily available: just ask!


1/ Come to the Event

This first event will feature one of the most popular fighting games in Europe:

Super Street Fighter IV AE ver. 2012

We pay a fixed venue fee of 4€ per player, and we use a simple entry fee of 10€ for all tournaments whether it's singles, 2v2 or 3v3, so the overall pricing will be a simple:

14€ for one tourney
24€ for two tourneys*

*The second player will have to pay the 4€ venue fee if he/she hasn't done so already.

In most cases, we will use double elimination brackets. You will have two “lives” to spare: use them wisely.

Our rules & regulations have been diehard tested in many tournaments and are readily available
on Facebook and our Dropbox, but they really are: 

Simple rules for a simple tournament
[url=https://www.dropbox.com/s/4ora0y6s2q3t4j3/DokuSaru1 - French announcement.doc]Dropbox FRENCH Announcement[/url]
[url=https://www.dropbox.com/s/xso6v1cj1pn625x/DokuSaru1 - English announcement.doc]Dropbox ENGLISH Announcement[/url]



The venue is the underground game-room of the local Smartoys shop:


Detailed Schedule

To optimize the available time, we will make sure to use it as to offer as much freeplay/casuals as possible.
(Times are in CEST format)

10AM-11.30AM – Freeplay/Casuals
11.30AM-4PM – Singles Tourney
4PM-8PM 2v2 Tourney

-Tournaments might take a bit more time than we accounted for, so please plan accordingly.
-The tournament schedule is final, you will be sent to losers'/disqualified if you're late & we can't advance any further in the bracket.
-Because the rules & regulations are readily available, they are deemed to be known & understood by all players.


How to come

-By Train-

The store is 20mn on foot/9mn by bus from the Liege-Guillemins train station.

You can get there from many cities including Paris, Lille, Brussels, Ostende, Anvers, Aachen, Maastricht & Luxembourg

At the station, you should get on Bus #3 toward Liege, the final stop is Place Cockerill, from there it's a short walk to Rue de la Cathédrale, you will find the shop in no time.

-By Bus-

Liege is one of the main stations of the Eurolines bus service, so it's quite easy & cheap to get there this way:

2/ Watch the Stream

Zou and all the DokuSaru team will entertain you at: 

The timetable is on CEST format (UTC+2), so please convert the schedule to watch us.
With http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html (for exemple).

10AM-11.30AM – Freeplay/Casuals
11.30AM-4PM – Singles Tourney
2v2 Tourney

Kuroi Mashimaro Time!

[STREAM] 17/08/13 - DokuSaru Event 1 - SSF4AE.2012 91386
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[STREAM] 17/08/13 - DokuSaru Event 1 - SSF4AE.2012
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